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BPM Heating & Cooling is a family owned and operated HVAC service provider serving Frederick and the surrounding communities.

With over ten years of HVAC services expertise as a major company in the local area we have vast experience and the knowledge to provide the best service with honesty, integrity, and craftsmanship at affordable prices.

We specialize in residential and commercial services that include service, installations, new construction, geothermal, and home performance.

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BPM Heating & Cooling
Frederick HVAC Services

We provide Residential and Commercial Heating, Cooling, Furnace & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance in Frederick, MD and the surrounding areas.

BPM HVAC also install and maintain highly efficient and cost saving GeoThermal Heat pump systems.

HVAC Maintenance

Our furnace and air conditioning systems are what we rely on for comfort throughout the year. The keep us warm in the cold winter, and keep us cool during otherwise unbearable heat and humidity in the Summer.

Maintenance forms a major part of our HVAC services. It is essential to maintain your HVAC system to insure they work efficiently in all seasons. Because, when they stop working, they can really affect the way we function day to day too.

By being proactive, you can help prevent any large and unexpected repair or replacement bills.

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Which HVAC Services Can We Help You With?

Frederick Heating Services

BPM Heating & Cooling will help keep you warm in the winter months. We provide exceptional HVAC services whether you need heating maintenance, repair or new furnace installation.

These days, when prices seem to be rising constantly, it’s even more important to know what the cost is. This is why we always offer free estimates for new heating  or cooling system installations.

We always want your calls to be answered by a knowledgeable human being, so we will always make an effort to personally answer any questions you may have.

It doesn’t matter what type of furnace you have, your furnace needs to be maintained regularly in order for it to work reliably and efficiently. The last thing you need on a cold winter evening is for the furnace to stop working.

Frederick HVAC Services offers complete annual maintenance plans that will help you avoid costly and frustrating heater failures.

This is done by identifying small problems before they become major ones.

We offer different levels of annual maintenance plans to suit all budgets and requirements. Contact Us for a Free Estimate.

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Frederick Air Conditioning Services

An Air Conditioning unit is a big ticket piece of equipment for any household. Maintaining it regularly will save you money on your energy bills and extend its life.

During an average summer in Maryland, the air conditioners are almost constantly running, clicking on and off in the background. No piece of machinery can be expected to run without maintenance, year in, year out.

By choosing to have your air conditioning units serviced at least once a season, you can avoid unexpected and costly repair bills, or worse, bills for replacements units.

For comfort and energy efficiency during those hot summers, as well as for the overall health of your unit, it is essential to maintain it.

By having even a basic service plan, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to keep your cool.

More of us are working from home these days, which can make it even more important to keep your home and work environment comfortable 24/7.

Give us a call to arrange a quick check of your air conditioning.

GeoThermal Services

BPM Heating & Cooling Services of Frederick are proud to offer our expertise in installing GeoThermal heat pump systems.

What is a GeoThermal Heat Pump?

In layman’s terms, geothermal heat pump systems use the near constant 54 degree temperature of the soil, around 10 feet below the surface, to both “pre-heat” liquid in the winter and “pre-cool” liquid in the summer.

The pre-heating in the winter, eases the burden of the heating system in the home, making 300% + more energy efficient and cost efficient.

A similar benefit occurs in the summer, in the reverse, where the pre-cooling eases the burden of your air conditioning system.

So, your energy bills will be much lower all year round.

Check out the video below for a visual explanation of how geothermal heat pumps work.

Geothermal Heat Pump diagram Frederick HVAC Services

Contact us to discuss how a GeoThermal Heat Pump system could benefit you in your home.

Here is a quick video to explain how Geothermal heat pumps work.

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We specialize in working directly with property management companies and understand the importance of reliability, trust, and fair pricing.

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We have completed over 1000 residential new construction projects. Our experience has given us great knowledge that we can extend to your project.

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