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Intelligent and efficient heating, cooling and ventilation design is
Essential for comfortable homes.

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HVAC Ventilation Design Services

Ensure your home is filled with fresh filtered air.

Air that is filtered and fresh plays a huge factor when it comes to indoor comfort. Yet so many homes are either poorly ventilated or lack proper ventilation.

At BPM HVAC services, we have specialist experience in house ventilation design. We can ensure that in your home you’ll be breathing healthy, clean air!

What are the advantages of house ventilation design?

When it comes to home ventilation, there is so much more to it than simply opening a window.  The advantages of efficicient ventilation design include:

  • Filtered healthier air
  • Controlled humidity
  • Reduction of indoor air pollutants
  • Mold and Pollen removal
  • Consistent odor control

A professionally designed ventilation system has improve quality of life for homeowners in the following ways:

  • Humidity controlled according to the seasons: lower in summer and higher in winter
  • Reduction in Allergy issues
  • Reduced susceptibility to headaches and colds
  • Reduction in lingering odors from cooking, pets, VOCs etc.
  • Removal of stale air

HVAC Consulting for Home Builders

Ensure your home buyers love the HVAC system you install in their new homes.

Our expert home builder HVAC consulting service helps lower your overheadamd greatly reduce warranty calls by providing home buyers with the correctly-sized HVAC system to maintain their comfort for years.

Subcontractors installing incorrectly-sized HVAC systems can be avoided at the outset.

We can help you get it right first time.

HVAC design and consulting for architects and builders

There is a way to get HVAC right. BPM HVAC  design and consulting is here to help architects and builders:

  • Choose and install correctly designed and sized HVAC systems to keep home buyers comfortable and, at the same time lowering utility bills
  • Prevent unnecessarily buying oversized HVAC equipment , thereby reducing equipment purchasing costs
  • Reduce warranty issues caused by HVAC problems
  • Prevent avoidable  and costly HVAC-related repairs and adjustment calls

Many builders rely on subcontractor decisions about HVAC systems. By taking control, the additional benefits include:

  • Being able to educate your buyers about your considered approach to HVAC system choice
  • Positioning your company as a builder who takes that unique step to provide the correct HVAC system
  • Demonstrating a commitment to important green building — correctly-sized, efficient HVAC systems are far more environmentally friendly.

HVAC Design and Consulting for Contractors

We ensure every HVAC system and its ductwork is the right size for the home.

Simply basing the choice of an HVAC system on square footage is not enough. Load calculation will help getting the HVAC choice right, first time.

BPM HVAC Design and Consulting deliver precisely calculated designs for contractors — so you can be confident your customer is going to love their HVAC system.

Third party HVAC Design and Consulting for contractors is the way to go.

Here’s why you should let dedicated HVAC Consulting professionals help with the design and choice of HVAC system:

  • Take the burden of planning and design off your shoulders
  • Prevent overspending on unnecessarily over-sized HVAC systems
  • Incorrectly sized HVAC systems trigger more customer callbacks and costly, time-consuming HVAC adjustments
  • Satisfied Customers with efficient systems can become your greatest source of referrals

Why should choose BPM HVAC Design and Consulting?:

  • We are experienced HVAC professionals with specialized tools to perform load calculations
  • As HVAC pros, we are able to predict anticipate problems that Manual J software won’t necessarily identify. Having installed countless systems, we can foresee problem before they arise.
  • We ca perform load calculations remotely or on site. We simply require the building plans for the home. We’ll calculate the load.

HVAC Design and Consulting for Homeowners

Don’t guess which HVAC system is right for your home. A professionally designed system for your home can make a huge difference to your comfort and your wallet.

A home with clean air, comfortable temperatures and fewer static shocks can be yours with a professionaly designed HVAC system.

Our design will help make those goals a reality.

Let us provide a solution for your heating, air conditioning and humidity control challenges, no matter what season.

Have a professional design the correct sized HVAC system for your home

The process may be the same but the design can differ from home to another. In many cases, these points are in question:

  • Varying hot and cold areas throughout the home
  • Incorrectly-sized and type of HVAC equipment for the home
  • Maintaining correct humidity levels for summer and winter
  • Air quality issues
  • Lowering energy costs
  • Reducing HVAC repairs and improving equipment life.

Typically, the following services are part of our process:

  • Manual J load calculation to enqure correct HVAC system sizing
  • Installation of correctly-sized HVAC equipment
  • Reduction of duct leakage which can affect system performance
  • Maintaining efficient and consistent airflow
  • Effective filtration and ventilation
  • Improving energy efficiency via upgrades, sealing and insulation

Essential HVAC Load Calculations

To maximize the comfort  of your home, an HVAC load calculation is essential. It will ensures your air conditioning unit and furnace are the correct size for your home.

A Manual J load calculation from experienced design and installation experts will identify what is required to deliver the perfect system.

It’s easy to do. Simply send us the building plans. We can calculate the right -sized HVAC system to suit your home.

Call us to book an HVAC load calculation.

An Essential Manual J Load calculation is easy to arrange

The benefits of a load calculation carried out prior to buying and installing a new HVAC system are:

  • Better seasonal humidity management
  • Consistent temperatures throughout your home
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Improved HVAC equipment lifespan

Most contractors don’t carry out a professional HVAC calculation before installing new systems. By requesting one, you can:

  • Prevent buying oversized equipment
  • Prevent a humid home during summer
  • Prevent uneven hot and cold areas spots in your home
  • Stop wasting energy and paying unnecessarily high energy bills
  • Reduce repairs and early system replacement.

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